USAfrica: Biden’s dropping polls, Trump and a Texas song. By Chido Nwangwu 

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Special to USAfrica magazine (Houston) and, first Africa-owned, US-based newspaper published on the Internet

Biden’s dropping polls, Trump and a Texas song

By Chido Nwangwu 

U.S President Joe Biden, the second Catholic elected president, with his wife Jill Biden, will have a private audience with Pope Francis, at the Vatican on October 29. during his current trip to Europe. 

He was to fly out earlier on Thursday but he had to delay his trip. You already know why? 

With his favorability polling numbers falling daily since his poorly executed withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Biden and his fellow Democrats are squandering most of their deserved goodwill and responsiveness to their constituencies’ mainly progressive agenda. 

The seemingly endless negotiation of the Biden plan and infrastructure rebuilding budget have since become whittled down. 

Everything now seems negotiable and expendable— including the paid maternity and family leave! 

Biden and his legislation aides and “strategists” have been played and tuned like a tired fiddle by the “conservative Democrat” legislators such as Sen. Joe Manchin. 

All to the delicious delight of the politically hardened and cohesive Republicans in the Senate and the House of Representatives! 

And, now with the Biden legacy complicating every hour by the dramatic political inadequacies and follies of his fellow Democrats, President Biden had to move his active schedule to suddenly add joining the 9am meeting on Thursday with the Democratic Party Congressional caucus.

In part, due to the way some Democrats and a number of White House personnel have Inadequately managed the Biden narrative, the notorious and mendacious and obnoxious Impeached, immediate former President Donald Trump have become more emboldened in his giddy, quixotic and toxic schemes to get back to the White House!


Evidently, Biden’s talkative personality and the endlessly disputative members of his Democratic Party do not seem to know what they teach us in Texas: know when to hold ‘em; and know when to fold ‘em…. Remember, the great Kenny Rogers sang it in one of his timeless hit songs. Biden should be playing that instructive country music song to his herd of sheep! 

—- Dr. Nwangwu serves as Founder & Publisher of USAfrica magazine and, first Africa-owned, US-based newspaper published on the Internet. Chido is the first continental African to be admitted to the 100 Black Men of America. He is the author of the 2022 book, MLK, Mandela & Achebe: Power, Leadership and Identity. Twitter @Chido247


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