Politics: Will Kwankwaso step down for Obi in the 2023 presidential election?


Since the inception of the campaign for the most important position, in the leadership of Nigeria, the decision as to who becomes the next president has become a serious concern not only to citizens but also to the political parties involved and this has continued to trigger a lot of controversies in terms of who steps down for who among PDP, NNPP, LP and the likes of them. 

NNPP flagbearer, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has ruled out the possibility of having a merger with the LP ahead of the polls. 

The former governor of Kano state said the time for the merger had gone just as he gave a hint on why the NNPP/LP proposed deal did not work out.

He continued by saying; those who are still talking about the possibility of the NNPP merging with Peter Obi’s LP are unrealistic, The Guardian quoted him

However, Kwankwaso acknowledged that they would have easily won the 2023 presidential election if both parties had decided to merge into one. 

He said he was surprised some people were still discussing the possibility of the merger when the window for that opportunity had closed. This was stated at an Editors’ Forum in Lagos on Sunday, November 20. Legit

Giving reasons as to why the merger failed; Kwankwaso claimed that the merger talks fell through because those in charge of the LP insisted Peter Obi must be the one to run for the office of the president. After all, the southeast had never produced a president.

“We have passed the level of any relationship. But it was a good idea. And if it had been possible, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) would not be talking about the possibility of second balloting today. 

“The contentious issue was who will be the presidential candidate and the running mate. The committees from both parties sat to look at the criteria and they said, ‘let’s start from the age, educational qualification, and offices held’, but the committee from LP did not want that.

“They said there is a sentiment from the southeast that they never produced the president, therefore, Obi must be in the lead. Our side tried to explain to them that it does not work that way. There is sentiment everywhere, and nobody, by the Constitution we have today, can become president by winning election in his zone alone,” Kwankwaso said. 

A comment posted by one Olukayode Aro reads; 

“The leadership of the two political parties is well grounded in the problems and challenges of the country, with workable solutions to meeting up with the challenges, but none of them is desperate for power.”

“The underlined reason for the two parties not being able to work together in the north and south dichotomy. “For justice, fairness and equality, the presidential candidate of NNPP should have been able to give consideration to conceding the leadership to the presidential candidate of Labour party from the south to allow for a balanced rotational presidency.”

Following the conversion, others made their comments on the platform.

Moses Abudu said: 

“Even if they merge they will still fail because both Kwankwanso and Obi are ethnic champions, into whose hands we are not prepared to entrust our collective Destiny.” 

AB Abu said: 

“Kwankwaso is not sure of himself. Today, if he’s not showering praises on Tinubu, he’d be talking about Labour Party. “Kwankwaso should make a definitive stand.” 

However, Kwankwaso reiterated he is not stepping down for anyone. 


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