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    Charles Achodo

    There are many things we lesser mortals have to thank God always. I thank God that I am not Achebe. For I could have written the book ‘There Was A Country’ and said the things Contained in that book and yet gotten away without the bricks of criticism from the unfortunate group of the “unread” – those who never read the book and yet went to town criticising it. This a very debilitating sickness among many Nigerians. I am shocked that Nigerians comment and authoritatively say things they don’t know. What we have no clue about, we speak. Subjects we don’t understand, we careless to research but speak volumes about it. Issues we don’t know we talk. Nigeria has become a talking nation, a nation of Pinocchio the talking cricket. What Nigerians talk about bio-metric identification system, you will think his father discovered it. Listen to Nigerians talk about power, you think they are Micheal Faraday. Even some will claim to be Bill Gate if the founder of microsoft is not alive. We have a problem in this country. We have become the most informative nation but yet uninformed, the most talking nation yet the most ignorant, the most religious yet the most transparently corrupt nation. Every Nigerian is an expert at all things yet not rooted in anything. We are too much of form and less in substance. Hence our whole government system don’t function.

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