Nigerian Industrial Court orders NO to nationwide strike set for Monday

 Nigerian Industrial Court orders NO to nationwide strike set for Monday ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) - An industrial court in Nigeria ordered unions Friday to stop a planned nationwide strike over spiraling gasoline prices, giving authorities...

Following May 30 successes, will Biafra agitators compel restructuring Nigeria? By Olu Ojewale

By Olu Ojewale Special to  • @USAfricaLIVE IT was a day that would be remembered for a long time to come. On Tuesday, May 30, the Ndigbo from different walks of life chose to commemorate...

Obiano: My 100 days in office

Obiano: My 100 days in office and where I want to take Anambra State Special to, CLASSmagazine,  and USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston. Follow USAfrica at , and June 25, 2014: It gives me great happiness to see you here today. As...

Deadly floods menace tens of thousands

Tens of thousands of people in the southern tip of Malawi have been cut off by deadly floods, leaving them without food, clean water or access to health care, aid organizations have warned, while many others have been displaced.

Fear factor: Ebola’s $1B

Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea -- the three countries facing the biggest health crisis -- are also facing huge bills to try and contain the virus.

USAfrica: Violence against Women in the Nigerian Community: Issues of Power and Control. EXCLUSIVE feature: Violence against Women in the Nigerian Community: Issues of Power and Control. By Uchenna Nworah, MSN, RN, FNP-BC,  Family Nurse Practitioner and Nursing PhD Student at the  Texas Woman’s University, in Houston, Texas. Special...

Algeria’s 77-yrs old President Bouteflika sworn in for 4th term, sitting on wheel-chair

Algerian President Bouteflika sworn in for 4th term, sitting on wheel-chair Special to, CLASSmagazine,  and USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston. Follow, USAfrica: Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been sworn in, again, as president on Monday for a fourth term in office. His...

Case for values-based and services oriented Leadership in Nigeria, Africa

The case for values-based and services oriented Leadership in Nigeria, Africa. By Uchechukwu Chris Arinze  Special to USAfricaonline.comand CLASSmagazine , PhotoWorks.TV and the USAfrica-powered e-groups of Nigeria360 and UNNalumni The recently released Mo Ibrahim African Governance Index report for year 2011 which ranked Nigeria at position...

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau resurfaces in a video

The embattled leader of jihadist group Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, resurfaced in a video posted online Sunday, rejecting assertions by the Nigerian army that he had been seriously wounded. "You have been spreading in the...

Battling woes, ANC internal crises, South Africa President Zuma says “the enemy is among...

Special to USAfrica (Houston) and South Africa President Jacob Zuma on Friday said he never thought there would come a time when ANC cadres hated one another. “Some movements break up when there are challenges....

Uganda declared free of an Ebola-like fever

Uganda has been declared free of Marburg, an Ebola-like viral hemorrhagic fever, the World Health Organization said Friday.

On Ojukwu, it takes stupidity of some to appreciate reasonableness of the rest….

On Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, it takes the stupidity of some to appreciate the reasonableness of the rest of us. By Ken Okorie Special & Exclusive commentary for During the closing weeks of December 2010, news of...

Keeping Ebola away from humans

Much has been written about the many failures the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa represents: from the genuine lack of access to basic health care in many developing countries to the fact that the front line first response has largely fallen upon t...

Literature, Culture and Development: The African Experience

In all of these essays and more, we can readily discern a tentative, but increasingly confident approach towards a definitive statement concerning what Dr. Madubuike was clearly beginning to be convinced was an inevitable linkage between a normative species of African Literature which derived from an authentic elucidation of African cultural values, and the inevitable obligation to fight, through it, for, and promote 'African development'. Now, 'African development', in this context, was not to be construed merely as just a socio-economic term. It is in fact an omnibus term. It implied the cultural and psychological struggle for self-identification in reaction against silly European notions of the non-identity, if you like, of the African person. It implied the political obligation of the African writer, and the critic of his writings, to deploy their talents in support of the struggle to liberate all Africans from their colonial masters. And it also implicated a clear duty, both on the part of the creative writer and of the literary critic of his offerings, to come up with a canonical definition of the Africanness in African literature.

Scientists join forces on AIDS spread in Africa

“We live in a world that is more interconnected every day, and we have all seen how pathogens such as HIV or the swine flu virus can arise in a remote area of the planet and quickly become a global threat,” said Marco Salemi, an assistant professor of pathology, immunology, and laboratory medicine at the UF College of Medicine and senior author of the study. “Understanding the factors that can lead to a full-scale pandemic is essential to protect our species from emerging dangers.”

MANDELA: 95 hearty cheers to his footprints of greatness. By Chido Nwangwu

MANDELA: 95 hearty cheers to his footprints of greatness. By Chido Nwangwu, Founder & Publisher of and USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston. Follow,   USAfrica: Today, July 18, 2013, the great Nelson Mandela turned 95 years old. To Mandela, for your humility...

Ebola: Second person dies in Mali

A nurse has died of Ebola in the Malian capital of Bamako, the health ministry said Wednesday, sparking fears that the nation has not yet defeated the deadly virus.

1 dead after Ebola reappears in Liberia

More than seven weeks after Liberia was declared free of Ebola, a young man was found dead of the disease on Sunday, according to the country's deputy health minister.

Workers exposed to Ebola return to U.S.

Eight American aid workers who were exposed to Ebola in Sierra Leone have been flown back to the United States where health authorities will watch them closely for signs of the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

USAfrica: Buhari’s uninspiring administration, long medical leave and politics of 2019. By Chidi Amuta

Special to USAfrica and @USAfricaLIVE   We must quickly draw the line. Between a groundswell of sincere well wishes for a president on medical leave and exporting our penchant for silly opportunistic sycophancy to...

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BrkNEWS: Nigeria’s ex-Vice President, pioneer architect, philanthropist Alex Ekwueme, has died

Nigeria's former Vice President, nationalist, pioneer architect, philanthropist and pro-democracy advocate, Dr. Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme, has died at the age of 85. His brother and the...

USAfrica projects Obiano as RE-ELECTED GOVERNOR of Anambra

USAfrica projects Obiano as RE-ELECTED GOVERNOR of Anambra   Follow USAfrica  at ,, and As the dust of partisan competition settles, votes tally and collation of ballots...

USAfrica: Amidst Zimbabwe-Mugabe uncertainty, U.S embassy closed to public

Amidst the uncertainty following the ousting of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe by the country's armed forces, the U.S mission in Harare was closed yesterday. The...
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