President Obama, hate-mongers and mob cons


President Obama, hate-mongers and mob cons                                                                                    

By Chido Nwangwu, Publisher of,, CLASS magazine, The Black Business Journal, the largest digital images/pictorial events domain for Africans  abroad PhotoWorks.TV and USAfrica.TV.

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Houston September 9, 2009: The Republican zealot from South Carolina’s 2nd congressional district Rep. Joe Wilson who heckled and interrupted President ObamaUSAfrica-08man2

Barack Obama’s speech to the joint assembly of the U.S Congress a few hours ago with the words “you lie” does not reflect bad manners as much as it reveals the much avoided racial prejudices in high and low places. One of the sociological and political fictions of contemporary American life is that the election of Barack Hussein Obama, an African-American, as President has since ushered in a post-racial America. In a twisted way, thanks to the uncouth Joe!

The usually avoided hard truth is this: Congressman Wilson is part of the mob squad of Republican degenerates who, frankly hate the thought and spit at the irrevocable reality of a Black man, this Black man, this son of an African scholar is the President and Commander in Chief of these United States of America! The same silliness by the same crew followed Obama’s back-to-school positive, uplifting speech of September 8, 2009 at at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia to American students with the usual, flaky charges “Obama’s turning America into a communist country!”

Since his disreputable, barnyard manners, Wilson has issued a false, misleading apology for his outburst and unparliamentary misconduct with these words:

“This evening, I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the president’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the health care bill,” the statement said. “While I disagree with the president’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the president for this lack of civility.”

But I went to his twitter page (CongJoeWilson) a few minutes after his yelling and saw the following pre-thought: “Happy Labor Day! Wonderful parade at Chapin, many people called out to oppose Obamacare which I assured them would be relayed tomorrow to DC.” Posted at 8:29 AM Sep 7th 2009, from his TwitterBerry. Note he promised the opposition”would be relayed to (Washington) DC” – translation: Obama!

What will this man do next as “relaying” the evil, toxic messages of his ilk to Obama and the rest of America?

The likes of South Carolina’s congressman Wilson demean the presidency and fuel vicious conflicts. Let Mr. Wilson know what you think about his crass rudeness to the office of the President of the United States of America by calling him at (202) 225-2452 or (803) 939-0041

There are four other issues we need to address:

1) Why are these zealots and people threatened by Obama’s message of inclusive empowerment of the previously locked out and deprived? Why do these ideological extremists distort morally expanding options to healthcare to those who cannot afford existing costs and insurance restrictions as “socialism.. Afro-Communism..Nazism”, etc?

2) When will Obama seriously awaken to the lethal words and coded relays of these people? I am still surprised Obama treats these kooks like the we-can-all-get -along-excited-campers! As a student of international politics, of state power and of media engagement that excessive we-can-all-get-along theology as the method of governance amidst mechanized hatreds and bigotry reflect a dangerous naivete and illusory pursuit of accommodation. It could have been fine for the election and garnering votes. I saw and heard first hand while covering Barack Obama’s 2008 Yes We Can campaign, that he has an inclusive vision for all Americans and seeks harmony with the rest of the world.

But now he has to govern, Lead and move the country forward with a coalition of the willing; thanks GW Bush!

3) Is the freedom of expression a license to fuel the flames of hate, bigotry and instigation of murder and possible assassination of the President? A Republican pastor said the other day on a pulpit in the U.S that he wants and prefers Obama dead! He wants Michelle widowed, and the daughters….

That preacher of hellfire and brimstone reflect, also, the dangers of the continuing misrepresentations and falsehoods engineered for and at the summer 2009 “healthcare town-hall meetings”. Why has the Republican party given nods and winks to their tailored, predictable, toxic mobocracy of the “healthcare town-hall meetings” masquerading as democratic expressions. Why did they allow shouting down opponents to morph into Republican modus operandi? Joe Wilson had his soul mates in those yelling riot brigades, and beyond. Here’s why? Only a few days ago, right-wing talk-radio bomb throwers and distortion artists Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage Wiener and Sean Hannity demanded as required and standard behavior for Republicans and extreme conservatives that for the remainder of the term of Obama’s presidency: they must use raucous heckling, wild accusations, shrill partisan roars and physical disruption of public policy events against Obama’s policies and moves as the tools of engagement….

Remarkably, the same man Obama continues to shower with respect and praise U.S Senator Charles Grassley, a senior Republican from Iowa, who falsely stated that Obama’s healthcare agenda includes pulling the plug on grandma! There others like him who have said worse things; and these are no fringe elements.

If Rush, Glen, Savage, Sean and their allied troops of double-barrel bigots and sophisticated racists continue to demean U.S President Obama with vile, vicious contempt over the airwaves while others inside the wells of the U.S Congress like Congresspersons Jean Schmidt of Ohio and Joe Wilson continue to question the birthplace and patriotism of Obama so openly, pray, what do they say in their Blacks-and-women-not-allowed country clubs and demographically deed-restricted communities?

The greater relief is that America and Americans are fair-minded. But the congenital supremacist brigades and those I call the mob cons will continue to fail at the ballot boxes into 21st century America. Americans are, historically and irreversibly accommodating and provides unique opportunities to recent immigrant citizens such as myself, a young continental African in the U.S., like they did thirty years earlier for President Obama’s father, Barack Hussein Obama, Snr.

4) We must ask the contextual question: What next will the zealots do? When will honest and decent men and women draw the line and say enough!?

Let us bear witness to history that the rabid partisans are only setting the dangerous stage for yet another hurtful, potentially violent twist in America’s history. No! At least, I voiced my responsible and reasoned concern to these historic workers of iniquities and entrenched dispossessors of their poor, needy neighbors. When will you, and other good men and women stand up strong and halt these hate-mongers before….?

Chido Nwangwu, recipient of the Journalism Excellence award (1997), is Founder and Publisher of (first African-owned U.S.-based professional newspaper to be published on the internet), USAfrica The Newspaper, CLASS magazine and The Black Business Journal, USAfricaTV,, and several blogs/e-groups, has been a participant at the World Technology Forum in San Francisco by PRI/BBC and contributing analyst to CNN’s Inside Africa, VOA, and newspapers/sites. He has served as an adviser to the Mayor of Houston on international business (Africa) and appears as an analyst on CNN, VOA, NPR, CBS News, NBC and ABC news affiliates.

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