USAfrica BrkNews: “Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease” medical reason for woman who died in the presence of ex-Gov. ORJI KALU at his U.S home








USAfrica Breaking News: confirmed “Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease” medical reason for woman who died in the presence of ex-Gov. Orji Kalu at his U.S home.

By Chido Nwangwu & Ronny Lake, Special for USAfrica multimedia networks and  CLASSmagazine (Houston).

USAfrica, August 26, 2010: and CLASSmagazine, Houston can confirm ahead of the release of the official report that the 47 year-old Nigerian woman Ms. Chinwe Ogbonna who died at the Potomac (Maryland) residence of former Abia State (of Nigeria) Governor, Orji Uzor Kalu passed away for one known, medical reading:  “Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease.”
Also, USAfrica investigations will lead us to report that the official time of death is not 9pm (as has been widely reported) but actually later at  10.42pm (eastern standard time, USA) at  14900 River Road in the neighborhood of Potomac, Maryland (near Washington DC).

USAfrica’s Publisher Chido Nwangwu and our Washington DC area reporter Ronny Lake also spoke with the

Former Gov. Orji-Uzor-Kalu-usafricafilepix2

The State of Maryland Medical Examiner Donna Vincenti, MD, who indicated that Ms. Chinwe Ogbonna died of “natural cause.” She was very polite but reluctant to offer any details. She told USAfrica that “in several weeks, a final official report will be released” –  pursuant to Maryland law. USAfrica is placing a request for the report. can also report that the official records of her identification were neither Chinwe Masi nor Chinwe Mazi but Chinwe Ogbonna.

The late, divorced Ms. Ogbonna was in the company of Orji Uzor Kalu when she died last Thursday August 19, 2010, in Kalu’s Potomac mansion. A close friend/acquiantance of Kalus informed USAfrica “emphatically, there were other persons at the residence.” This has led to many assumptions and speculations by the Nigerian media with some describing her as a mistress, friend and provider of fashion accessories for the flamboyant former Governor and international businessman.

Montgomery County Maryland police stated, that they arrived Kalu’s residence pursuant to a 911 emergency telephone call from the Kalu home. Maryland Paramedics responded to the call initially.  The medics stated that, because the woman had died at Kalu’s home, the Medics therefore needed to await an official police team to investigate the matter further.

Pursuant to police practice and procedure in Maryland, the police then proceeded to search the residence, as part of the initial incident report.  The deceased body was transported to the Maryland State Coroners office in Baltimore Maryland.

USAfrica Publisher Chido Nwangwu has spoken with Montgomery County police and others on the issue of their investigations…. the report is coming up, soon, on, and some of our blogs: Nigeria360 at yahoogroups and IgboEvents at yahoogroups. e-mail: ofc: 713-270-5500. wireless: 832-45-CHIDO (24436).


VIDEO of the CNN International broadcast of its profile of USAfrica and CLASSmagazine Publisher Dr. Chido Nwangwu.

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