South Africa makes push for 2018 Olympics


South Africa makes push for 2018 Olympics
South Africa makes push for 2018 Olympics

AMPA, May 04: South Africa is revving up its hopes for an Olympic bid as the countdown looms just 58 days away for the start of the IOC session that will decide the fate of the 2018 winter Games city.

Durban will host the IOC session and will be pulling out all the stops to showcase the city in the event of a 2020 bid.

The new logo and website were launched today for the 123rd session to promote the meeting.

Gideon Sam, South African NOC president, spoke to the press and said how pleased he was that the city will be able to greet the IOC. He said that South Africa plans at some point to launch a bid but they are not certain of the time frame. In the mean time they need to put their best foot forward.

South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup last summer and is looking to bring bigger and more engaging events to the region.

The 2020 cities have until September 1st to submit candidates but already Rome, Italy is on the front line.

Other cities that appear to be considering a bid are Istanbul, Doha, Dubai, Madrid and Tokyo has expressed interest but given the recent earthquake and tsunami it is debatable if they will join the group for this round. Much will depend on how the 2018 vote winds up and which continent wins. By Lauren Walden/Sports Features Communications



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