Alaezi Dike’s “Beyond the Boundaries” creates new memories. Review by Dr. Lilian Asomugha


Alaezi Dike’s “Beyond the Boundaries” creates new memories. Review by Dr. Lilian I. Asomugha, in Los Angeles, California

Alaezi Dike’s “Beyond the Boundaries” is a fictionalized story based-on-true-events. Her rendering is done with such incredible attention to detail that those who experienced the Nigeria-Biafra war of 1967 to 1970 will attest to the authenticity and its author. 

The full range of human experience is so masterfully explored, that many persons reading it will see themselves in the story. 

The heroine of the story exudes a moral aptitude and adaptability that will inspire readers and give testament to the inconvenient truths of how war impacts women and girls. 

I was curious, for three reasons, when I first picked up this book/novel. First, my family and I lived through the Nigeria – Biafra war of 1967 to 1970. 

Second, to this day, I remember those deadly “air raids” and fleeing our home the night before Christmas of 1969, shortly before the war ended. 

Third, would reading finely and realistically woven story resurrect past trauma, create new memories, or simply be a detached (“human-less”?) retelling of an ugly period in Nigeria’s post-colonial history? 

Alaezi Dike’s “Beyond the Boundaries” creates new memories. Review by Dr. Lilian Asomugha
Lilian Asomugha

With these questions, I began to read…, and what I found was an extraordinary rendering of one young woman’s experience of the true realities of the war.  

It’s a story not only deserving to be told, but needing to be read and witnessed by all who come in contact with it. Or those who were impacted by the events of the time.

No one else could have done this better than Alaezi Dike (nee Ajunwa) whom I have known since our time together in high school, in the 1970s.

Her resilience, intelligence and willingness to explore events that many of us would rather forget are evident on the forthcoming pages. Being the courageous writer she is, the author has created a work that will haunt and inspire those who want to ensure that war does not happen again. Evidently, Alaezi’s creativity, courage and wisdom brought this engaging story to light. May we all be changed by it.

*Publisher’s note: This 2021 novel is published by USAfricaBooks, and it is available on, and all of the major bookstores around the world, especially ordered online.


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