USAfrica: Peter Obi’s agenda and looking beyond Rev. Fr. Mbaka’s “prophesies”. By Tai Emeka Obasi

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Peter Obi’s agenda and looking beyond Fr. Mbaka’s “prophesies”
By Tai Emeka Obasi
I am not going to repeat all that the Nigerian Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka said within the last four years and last week regarding the former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi. I am not interested in replying the ordained Catholic priest in any manner appropriate to his unguarded utterances. I’m a Catholic and I know the meaning of ordination.
May God forgive Fr. Mbaka anywhere the Almighty believes His servant has erred.
Nonetheless, I will try to look beyond the surface of the “revelations” of Fr. Mbaka in areas surrounding Nigeria’s political landscape.
Look deeper, dig under… and you notice that Fr. Mbaka’s “prophesies” on matters relating to political leaderships in the country are far deeper than prophesies. He clothed President Muhammadu Buhari as the messiah in 2015. Could God have spoken in such light about this Buhari?
Imo State Governor Hope Uzodimma was dressed up by Fr. Mbaka as the light coming to liberate Imo State. I can see the light, indeed.
And so on….
Take a look at the timings of these ‘prophesies’ and ask yourself if the cabal, the very cabal that has perpetually held Nigeria back, hasn’t found a veritable tool in this man of God to foist terrible leaders on the people.

February 25, 2023, the date for the Nigeria’s presidential election, may be eight months away but one of the most important determinants of that exercise for any party was in the process when Fr. Mbaka called Mr. Obi names and “prophesied” that Obi’s presidential project would end up as an exercise in futility. All presidential candidates were still making diligent efforts to pick their running mates. Some candidates, including Peter (the man we also call Okwute), are still looking for running mates.

USAfrica: Peter Obi's agenda and looking beyond Rev. Fr. Mbaka's "prophesies". By Tai Emeka Obasi
Is it a coincidence that a merger of other political parties expected to have been concluded before June 17 didn’t happen? Look deeply again at Fr. Mbaka’s timing!
Will it be a wild guess to assume the same cabal has given a message to hoodwink the people once more while a deeper than deep underground works were put in earnest to frustrate Obi’s genuine efforts to pick a running mate that has a close track record to his? Take a look around you – it’s evidently operation stop Peter Obi and the Labour Party all over the place. Lies upon lies of reports about him all over the place.
He’s coming to change the narrative. He is coming to offer hope and revival to the down trodden, the Nigerian masses. To more than 100 million Nigerians wallowing in poverty. To millions of students idling away at home when they should be in school. To millions of pensioners being owed their entitlements including gratuities. To millions of unemployed Nigerians who don’t know where the next meal will be coming from. To millions of genuine businessmen being frustrated by same government that need their taxes to ensure development.
They’re scared the days of sorrow for majority of 200 million Nigerians are coming to the end. And they should be.
Peter Gregory Obi is for real. He’s got a new nickname – Go and Verify. It’s sending shivers down their corrupt spines.
They’re evidently using Fr. Mbaka to nullify this third force. I tell dear Nigerians to ignore this “prophet”. Don’t curse him or call him names. Allow God to touch him and change him around for the new Nigeria that is coming.
Be focused. Be determined. Don’t listen to them when they say there’s no structure. We’re the structure. We’re the people. Get your PVC. Support Labour Party. Accept whoever Obi settles for as his running mate. Be assured he/she will be the best available choice putting everything concerning genuine unity and progress of a country he loves so much into consideration.


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