Saturday, August 13, 2022



USAfrica: Ways You can be affected by the MONKEYPOX virus. By Prof. Clement Anyiwo,

Notes on MONKEYPOX virus disease By Sir (Prof.) Clement Emenike Anyiwo, Contributing Editor of and USAfrica magazine. He is the chairman of the Health...

USAfrica: Is the COVID-19 pandemic almost over? By Keith Robinson

Special to USAfrica magazine (Houston) and, first Africa-owned, US-based newspaper published on the Internet.  Is the COVID-19 pandemic almost over? ‘America Talks Health with Dr....

South Africa facing escalation of COVID omicron from 300 to 8,000 per day.

HEALTHWATCH By Andrew Meldrum, AP: South Africa is experiencing a surge of new COVID-19 cases driven by two omicron sub-variants, according to health experts. For about...

Sales of “Ghost Guns” escalating gun violence, murders in U.S; Biden sets regulations

“Ghost guns look like a gun, they shoot like a gun, and they kill like a gun, but up until now they haven’t been regulated like a gun,” said John Feinblatt, Everytown’s president.

A hybrid COVID variant detected; it’s called ‘deltacron.’

A hybrid COVID variant detected; it’s called 'deltacron.' A hybrid variant of the coronavirus that has characteristics of both the delta and omicron strains has...
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