April 26, 2017

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  1. Tymerah says:

    So true. Bless u 4 that. She is a baby herself and it wasn't intentional. Had anyone out there never done anything foolish in life. God bless her soul. The babies ate already in his bosom.

  2. Tymerah says:

    What? Can u say that n english please! God bless Jessica Tata!!!

  3. Kiraguri says:

    I blame her family members for encouraging her to run away. This alone gives the Africans a bad name. It's good that she turned herself in.

  4. Nosike Ndu says:

    Though she ran away out of fear of the unknown. She has done the right thing by turning herself in. I feel for the families that lost their kids. At the same time Jessica needs our prayers.

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