Fugitive Nigerian-American Jessica Tata, 22, turns self in; arrested and enroute back to Houston By Chido Nwangwu


Fugitive Nigerian-American Jessica Tata turns self in; arrested and enroute back to Houston

By Chido Nwangwu

USAfrica Newsroom, March 19, 2011, Houston: USAfrica can confirm that the Houston-Texas-based Nigerian-American Jessica Tata, 22 years old, who fled to Nigeria, as was reported first on the internet by, will soon be enroute back to to the United States, accompanied by the U.S Marshals.  She was listed among its top 15 most wanted.

Miss Tata turned herself in to the U.S. authorities inside Nigeria, USAfrica learned, after massive publicity and pressures on her family, from her family and close network of associates. Christy Ogbeide, one of the Nigerian pastors who made appeals for Tata to return to the U.S., in her reaction to the breaking news said to USAfrica “it’s a more realistic approach to handling the issues rather than running away.”

USAfrica called the Tatas’ residence this morning, Saturday March 19, 2011.

Nkoli Mkparu,  the 2011 festival of arts organizer told USAfrica “we’re very delighted by this development. It’s a good way forward for all of us and our community, too.”
Tata is facing charges from the Texas law enforcement authorities over the deaths of very young children in her daycare for manslaughter, child abandonment (of seven kids), reckless injury to a child and other issues.  The Nigerian community in Houston and other Africans in the area remained worried by the fact Ms. Tata ran away especially complicated by the fact that there were very young kids who apparently died from the negligence at her home day care facility.

Her father Godfrey Tata, owner of a healthcare business, has been a resident of Houston since the early 1980s, and until recently spends more time in Nigeria, and a few months in Houston. Publisher was reliably informed on February 25, 2011 that Jessica’s father was expected back to Houston last weekend of February but did not make it back. At the time of this report on March 1, 2011, he was still away. The same weekend of Saturday February 27, 2011, he was expected, her daughter Jessica, apparently fled from Houston, Texas.

Heath instigators and security officials in Houston are charging that Tata  left the very young kids she was caring for without adult supervision, while a stovetop burner was on, before the fire started.  Investigators believe that the stovetop burner was the source of the fire.

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Video of NBCNews Channel 2, KPRC Houston, interview wt USAfrica Publisher Chido Nwangwu on the Jessica Tata daycare fire issues n latest developments.

Jessica Tata’s family is from Nigeria. Members of the Nigerian community in Houston believe Tata’s actions are giving them a bad name. Nefertiti Jaquez reports., on March 1 and March 2, 2011 during the 10pm news slots, NBCnews Channel 2, CBSnews Channel 11n ABCNews Channel 13 Houston broadcast their interviews with USAfrica Publisher regarding the fugitive Houston Day Care Operator Jessica Tata who fled to Nigeria after stove fire in her facility killed several kids. KHOU and KTRK ran some excerpts earlier in evening newscast 5pm n 6pm.

•Chido Nwangwu, Founder & Publisher of USAfrica and recipient of several journalism and public policy awards, was recently profiled by the CNN International for his pioneering works on multimedia/news projects for Africans and Americans.

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  1. So true. Bless u 4 that. She is a baby herself and it wasn't intentional. Had anyone out there never done anything foolish in life. God bless her soul. The babies ate already in his bosom.

  2. What? Can u say that n english please! God bless Jessica Tata!!!

  3. I blame her family members for encouraging her to run away. This alone gives the Africans a bad name. It's good that she turned herself in.

  4. Though she ran away out of fear of the unknown. She has done the right thing by turning herself in. I feel for the families that lost their kids. At the same time Jessica needs our prayers.


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