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    Saka El Pena

    its almost thirty years too late for an Awo apology, is it not? Gowon and Nigeria were well within their rights to organize a blockade on Biafra. Ojukwu had a duty to open a corridor for supplies for the people of Biafra. Why did Ojukwu refuse to open a land corridor? What did other eminent members of the Biafra government do to convince him otherwise. Why did the “Jews of Africa” resort to the well known Arab tactics of using hungry refugees as bargaining chips? 

    Nobody ever said war is pretty. Biafra never gave that a thought when its adventurers bombed Yaba and Agege in the early days of the war. Biafra drew the Yoruba people and the Midwest into the war by its military action in the early days. This resort to high sounding accusations of genocide and war crimes is not only revisionist  but a puerile diversion away from the greedy miscalculations that bred the disaster called Biafra.

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    Chigbo Mgbemene

    That is a good one from Adewale. That is one good step towards reconciliation considering that it came from a Yoruba man. There is hope for full reconciliation then.

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    Vincent Ezimmaduakonam Ude

    North as far as am concerned is still suffering from the blood of the innocent Igbos.My visit to Minna Niger state where two of its citizens have ruled this country have nothing to show.And to me this may continue until a serious reparation is made.It is only paining me that human life are being lost in the current BH insurgent but they are only a tool in the hand of the devil to continue meting out punishment on their land for their past sins.By the time they will finish building what was damaged…Lets watch and see.Onye obara juru anya o na-ahu uzo?Ebe obara Abel tisuru Eligwe,obuzi obara puku kwuru puku umu Igbo adighi ihe ha mere.O dika ndi Aluu Chi ha zowa ha ka…..

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    Ugochukwu Eziaghighala Michael

    Finally, with balanced perspective from Achebe apology, rather than biased condemnation, should be demanded from the very perpetrators of the civil war pogrom against the Igbos, particularly the teeming lives terminated by sheer OBI OJOO. Let ill-informed supporters of this sin against man kind take note. Yesterdays was the Igbos… who knows tomorrow?

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    Aik 'Lord ElNik' Eluigwe

    Some courageous thoughts on the Awo/Achebe debate by a Yoruba…

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