April 26, 2017

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  1. Okoli Ifesi says:

    Kk,the man is playing to the gallery. Very cheap popularity.

  2. Kingsley Kene Akanna says:

    That’s his choice ….he is a devout Moslem they care less about all these flambouyancy .

  3. Okoli Ifesi says:

    Why did he fly first class? Was the economy class full?

  4. Collegiate African American says:

    Lessons of history duly noted. Praise God for president Buhari. I wish him the best and much success in the future. Thanks Chido for the wonderful story. See you at the top!

  5. Alfred Obiora Uzokwe says:

    He seems to be starting out very well. I hope this trend continues

  6. Ngozika Njoku-Igwe says:


  7. Abraham Madu says:

    What does that mean? Will he ride on donkey or trek on foot in London? He flew to London by air. He should not confuse these differnt kinds of trasportation made available to him by an industralized nation.

  8. Sam Arinze Okibe says:

    In case anyone is still not convinced on how dangerous things can turn when proper security is not used: In 1984, our own Umaro Diko, was kidnapped, put into a crate, and was almost smuggled into Nigeria while living in this same London…ironically, this same Buhari was head of state then too..lol

  9. Nneka Anyoku Ochokwu says:

    Nkea bu ka ewesi na ifedi nma asoro ya, biko rapunu abokiaa.

  10. Profmayen Adiukubrown says:

    Deceit and hypocrisy.

  11. Sam Arinze Okibe says:

    ….bro, point made, and not taking anything away from the great op-ed by oga Chido Nwangwu

  12. Abraham Madu says:

    What exactly was the black president elect doing with the white boys at 10 Downing Street on the eve of his inauguration as president of the world’s most populous black nation? Ugly is ugly.

    And I am

    Ezeana Igirigi Achusim


    Nwa Dim Orioha

  13. Sam Arinze Okibe says:

    ….to add to that, I commend his choice of ordinary as against flamboyance in London, but Buhari should please follow the protocol of the British intelligence service next time. We live in dangerous and unsafe times where terrorists, especially ‘home grown’, are always seeking to cause havoc. Choosing to ride in an unsecured Camrey is not a very smart move. Additionally, I think Buhari missed the real point of why he was being required to ride in a Rolls Royce; apart from possibly being bullet proof like Obama’s $1.5 million Cadillac one ‘Beast’, Rolls Royce is also a British car company, unlike the Camry (Toyota/Japan). Hence most nations choose to promote their products in an official capacity whenever the need arises.

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