USAfrica BrkNEWS: VIDEO Nigerian soldiers torture, kill and maim Igbo youth and IPOB activists on Aba-Umuahia-xprsway

VIDEO BrkNEWS: Nigerian soldiers torture, allegedly kill and maim Igbo youth and IPOB activists on Aba-Umuahia expressway in Abia State. The videos are drawing severe condemnation and outrage against Nigeria’s President retired Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.


  1. United States and many advanced democracy must condemn this babaric heinous crime against humanity. We must resist tyrant Buhari,
    He rules Nigeria like his personal property.
    Let us petition Britain and the management of the hospital where he was admitted, to know the cause of sickness he has, and the date he was given to die. The reason is simple, to know his competence and reason for this slaughter. He wants to cleans Igbo people.