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By Chido Nwangwu

USAfrica: As the global social media, human rights organizations, citizens and journalists publish disturbing and violent images, evidently, capturing the activities of the Nigerian army against unarmed members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) movement in the Igbo south east, IPOB has called for international intervention to save lives.
The IPOB and several diaspora groups are “calling for the immediate and complete withdrawal of the Nigerian army/soldiers who seem sent on a punitive mission.”

In a news release sent to USAfricaonline.com, the controversial but popular-among-the-youth group notes that for the ongoing UN General Assembly in New York (September 2017) and especially the U.S President Donald Trump, “urgent action should be taken to avert the impending genocide of Christians in Nigeria since President Muhammadu Buhari ordered heavily armed Nigerian army to conduct another brutal exercise with battlefield weapons, some of them made in the U.S, against the peaceful Igbo and unarmed members of Indigenous People of Biafra in southeastern Nigeria. It is a brutal scheme to suppress IPOB’s peaceful demand for referendum in the region as we seek self-determination.”

The group requests U.N leaders and Trump to tell Buhari, a retired army general, a hardline Muslim and former military dictator “to stop the killing of unarmed innocent children, women, and men in the southeastern region of Nigeria. Many more people will be displaced as a result of the looming unprovoked civil war.”
They appealed to President Trump stop the sale of arms to the Nigerian government. Those weapons will be used to massacre innocent Christians and annihilate an entire ethnic group of 49 million and region.”

They further urged members of the United Nations “to stop the British government from supporting Buhari’s injustice and heinous acts against Christians in Nigeria, particularly in the southeast. We have registered our pleas with Amnesty International, ICC, UN Secretary-General through the United Nations’ offices in New York and Geneva, The White House, US Congress, the European Parliament, various local senators and representatives.”

The leader of the IPOB (proscribed by Nigeria’s south eastern Governors and tagged as a “terror”organization by Nigerian force headquarters), Nnamdi Kanu, will return to an Abuja court for the assessment of his bail terms compliance in mid-October 2017. His home and father’s palace were invaded last week by Nigerian soldiers, leaving a  trail of destruction and deaths of about 18 members of IPOB.                                                                            •Dr. Chido Nwangwu who appears as an analyst on CNN, CNN International and SkyNews, and served as adviser on Africa business to Houston Mayor Brown is the Founder & Publisher of USAfrica, CLASSmagazine and the first African-owned, U.S-based professional newspaper published on the worldwide web USAfricaonline.com


  1. Igbos are counting on a man (Donald Trump) who gave neo-Nazis and White supremacists a voice, to save them from Buhari regime. How can we fight for freedom but count on another oppressor to save us? It is bothering to see Kanu and other Igbos call on the Trump-ran government to save them. Go to the African Union or United Nations; not Trump and his government. For goodness sake. Is Kanu not aware of the fact that Trump gave rise to neo-nazis? Is Kanu unaware of the fact that Trump refuse to denounce the KKK? Is Kanu unaware of the fact that Trump has the same xenophobic and wicked spirit as Buhari? Kanu and IPOB must choose a different person to be ally of the Biafran dream.

  2. Biafra: Army occupation of South-East ethnic cleansing – Gov. Fayose

    Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has described the alleged mal-treatment and killing of people of the Southeast Nigerian who are agitating for the state of Biafra as ethnic cleansing.

    He said that he had forewarned that President Muhammadu Buhari’s second coming would be like the dark days of the military government in 1984 when the nation quaked under heavy militarisation.

    He said: “I have said it before now that it is only God that can help th e Ibo people. What I see going on the is ethnic cleansing when you see the video clips of that occupation the behaviour of the soldiers leaves much to be desired but they cannot act like that without a whistle blower, somebody is behind them telling them go and cleanse the people.

    “Reckless human rights violation in Nigeria today is second to none. And I hope the international community would not be quiet on this. It is unfortunate.”

    The Governor, who made the remarks while receiving the Peoples Democratic Peoples’ Elders caucus in the state led by ex-deputy governor Paul Alabi, who paid him a visit to register their endorsement of his deputy, Olusola Kolapo as prefered candidate for 2018 governorship poll, lamented the fate of those allegedly militarised recently in the Southeast.

    He said: “I have said it earlier that this is beyond Kanu. That region entirely is embattled and challenged. But you know politics, time will tell. The wind blowing away your wife will blow you away one day. The wind blowing away your enemy today may blow you say one day. It is unfortunate that the Ibo people are suffering this kind of fate, ” he said.

    “The herdsmen wrecking havoc all over, and killing, what has the military done to deal with them? Has any of the herdsmen been prosecuted, let alone giving them this kind of treatment?

    “You went to court to revoke Kanu’s bail but you can’t even wait for the court to take decision before occupying his house. Nigeria is in trouble except the Lord helps us.

    “When the wicked are in authority, the people suffer; when the righteous are in power, the people rejoice.

    “We are in a major dilemma. Buhari coming back to power as I have said before is like returning to the dark days of the 1984, because they want to gag Nigerians; they came up with law against hate speech, they threatened to deal with people.