Nigeria’s INEC declares Jonathan winner of 2011 presidential election: PDP 22m, CPC 12m, AC 2m


Nigeria’s INEC issues voting results of 2011 presidential election; PDP 22m, CPC 12m, AC 2m

USAfricaonline.com: Nigeria’s Independent National Elections Commission (INEC) chairman Prof. Attahiru Mohammadu Jega has announced its official tabulation of the returns of the April 16, 2011 presidential polls with the key results showing the following:

PDP 22,495,187 (Goodluck Jonathan scored minimum 25% in 31 states, emerging winner)

CPC 12,214,853 (Mohammadu Buhari scored minimum 25% in 16 states)

ACN 2,079,151 (Nuhu Ribadu scored minimum 25% in 4 States, Ekiti, Ogun, Osun and Oyo States

ANPP  917,012 Ibrahim Shekarau (did not score up to 25% in any state)

ADC 51,682 Peter Uchenna Nwangwu (did not score up to 25% in any state)

Fresh Party 34,331 Christopher Okotie (did not score up to 25% in any state).

Other smaller parties scoring a couple of thousands of votes.

A broad profile of the polling showed, according to Jega that 38million 209,978 total valid votes were cast in the elections. One million, 259, 506 votes were rejected. The total votes cast came up to 39million, 469,484.

USAfrica notes that the critical challenge from the elections is that while Jonathan swept the christian, southern region of Nigeria Buhari held the lead in most of the Muslim north. A demographic map of the results showed a strong division of the north and south; again, highlighting the group politics.

Therefore, Nigeria’s current President Goodluck Jonathan and his deputy Namadi Sambo, both of the ruling PDP, are set to return to the seat of power in Abuja, despite opposition protests about inflated voting numbers in places like Jonathan’s home state of Bayelsa where some previously announced votes outnumbered registered provisional voters.

Former military dictator who has sought the presidential spot via ballots twice retired Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is behind Jonathan. He has filed petitions about voting irregularities and allegations of rigging allegedly by Jonathan’s PDP.

Due to the spate of violence including the burning of major parts of the palace of the Emir of Kano, on Monday April 17, the governor of Kaduna state (home state of  Vice President Sambo) declared a 24-hour curfew “in order to protect the lives and properties of all citizens of our dear state.”  Kano has also declared a curfew. Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police Hafiz Ringim has warned rioters that the law enforcement agencies will deal with those who refuse to accept the outcome of the elections.


Nigerians break jinx of election violence and rigging with dawn of 2011 presidential elections. By Chido Nwangwu


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  1. Hopefully they can move on to the task of nation-building!


  3. yes sir, GOD bless the democratic republic of nigeria.

  4. The election was truly free and fair.I am a witness.God bless NIGERIA.

  5. Hopefully they can move on to the task of nation-building!

  6. So much for the many people who thought GEJ was only supported by his family members, and could not conceivably win. Congrats to the new Pres. Elect, and I wish him Good luck in moving the country forward!



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