Nigeria’s President wrong to donate to Super Eagles in Foreign Currency, slighting Naira


Nigeria’s President wrong to make donation to Super Eagles in Foreign Currency, slighting Naira

By Uzoamaka Jennifer n

USAfrica: In Nigeria, the use of foreign currency is, largely, being legalized and gradually taking the place of Naira itself in several transactions. These foreign currencies are now used to pay bills within the shores of Nigeria. It is now a show of class amongst the rich and ‘do-wells’; but I think it’s more a show of a level of foolishness. naira-dollar

Recently, a member of Nigeria’s House of Representatives representing Bayelsa State, Hon. Nadu Karibe, presented a motion condemning the use of foreign currency in transactions within the country.
He frowned at the way and manner Nigerians take pride in doing business with foreign currency. This attitude appears to show that Nigerians place other countries above Nigeria. Fact is this reflects in most of what we do.

In a country where the President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, stood before his fellow Nigerians and the whole world to announce donations to the Super Eagles, in foreign currency; in a country where the high and mighty make donations in Nigeria in foreign currency, is a clear indicator of how ‘lost’ we are.

Wouldn’t it have been better for the President to announce the donations converted in Naira? It is noteworthy that patriotism starts from the President down to the orange seller in the street. What message did the President try to send to Nigerians? He unknowingly demeaned Nigeria before the world. Where does patriotism lies?

The act of subjugating our Naira to the use of foreign currency showcases how less we take the pride of our nation to heart. It tells how we have  ditch the pride of our nation to promote another.
The Naira is a symbol of nationhood and legal tender of our country Nigeria. The Naira stands in the same league as the flag and coat of arms. The Naira is Nigeria’s pride and identity.
The Naira is weak to the Dollar, Pounds and Euro. Despite that, it is still our pride and our identity and should be respected within Nigeria and amongst Nigerians. Anything in the contrary further devalues our money; our national pride.                                                                                                                                                                                                              •Jennifer is based in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja,  and will write for and CLASSmagazine Houston on issues and events.


KENYA CONUNDRUM: What if two alleged war criminals, inciters of ethnic warfare became President and vice president of Kenya?

 By Chido Nwangwu, Founder & Publisher of Houston-based USAfrica multimedia networks since 1992, first African-owned, U.S-based newspaper published on the internet n The complicating twists of the Kenyan presidential elections of March 2013 will get more interesting with the background of a war crimes trial this summer, May 2013 of the likely


winners of the hotly contested votes.

The first accused is Uhuru Kenyatta who draws from the name recognition and nationalist legacy of his father, the great founding president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta. Kenyatta has served as Kenya’s finance minister while his running mate and second accused war criminal is William Ruto. Ruto served as higher education minister.

Kenyatta who is facing war crimes charges — for fueling very violent ethnic killings of thousands in Kenya’s elections 4 years ago — at the International Criminal Court had some news of relief as the ICC moved his appearance-trial to July 2013.

USAfrica notes that the presiding ICC judge Ekaterina Trendafilova ruled that: “The chamber found that the prosecutor has established substantial grounds to believe that the crimes against humanity of murder, deportation or forcible transfer and persecution were committed.” She added that “These crimes resulted in the death in the deaths of hundreds and displacement of thousands of civilians.”

WHich leads me to the first critical question: What if two alleged war criminals and inciters of ethnic warfare became president and vice president of the east African country of Kenya?

My second question: would a President Uhuru Kenyatta as Commander-in-chief of Kenya submit and continue to cooperate with the International Criminal Court?

My third question: what if they beat Odinga’s team, get sworn in and are found guilty at the world’s war crimes court? Would President Kenyatta and Vice President Ruto resign as Kenya’s leaders to subjugate the mandate of Kenyans to serve any sentence?

What if….?               


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