In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday June 5, 2019 against the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court, retired North Allegheny Intermediate High School teacher Kathy Ann Coll accused the Rev. Cyprian Duru, a former visiting Nigerian priest at St. Teresa of Avila Roman Catholic Parish, of assaulting and raping her.


She alleged that Father Duru came to her house to deliver a Christmas card and watch an American football game on December 11, 2016. On December 12, she went to a hospital to be treated for multiple sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

She contacted the police the next day, December 13; Duru disputed the allegation of sexual assault, insisted it was “consensual sexual” encounter.


Meanwhile, Mike Manko, spokesman for the district attorney’s office, has said that “After reviewing the evidence and the investigation, we informed the victim and her attorney that based on the evidence as it exists, we cannot move forward with any charges.”




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