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USAfrica: Kenya will require its traveling citizens have “vaccine passport”

USAfrica: Kenya will require its traveling citizens have "vaccine passport"

USAfrica: Kenya will require its traveling citizens have “vaccine passport”. By Chido Nwangwu In stepping up its fight against the coronavirus, the government of the east African country of Kenya will require its citizens traveling out of the country from 2022 to have a vaccine passport. According to the country’s Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, Najib Balala, the Kenyan government is in consultations with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), to create the vaccine passports.

“The reality is we’re going to get a vaccination passport. It’s like the former yellow fever vaccination card, so we will have a vaccination card for COVID-19, and probably one will need to be vaccinated every year.” Balala said. He added during the launch of the vaccination drive benefiting the hospitality and tourism sectors that 

“COVID-19 vaccination is an important tool in curbing the effects of the pandemic, which will eventually help tourism rise again.” 


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