USAfrica: Biafra agitation, history and Nigeria President Buhari’s disdain for the Igbo. By Arthur...

Biafra agitation, history and Nigeria President Buhari's disdain for the Igbo.                                                ...

CLASSmagazine: ANOC-USA seeks to promote Igbo language and civilization, says Chief Jones Okeke

ANOC-USA membership consists of people from (six states) Abia, Anambra, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States. Our members are titled men from Igbo speaking states of Nigeria. The titles include Nze, Ozo, Chiefs and Ogbuefi.

USAfrica 25th Anniversary & Best of Africa awards on 07-07-17

USAfrica 25th Anniversary & Best of Africa awards on 07-07-17 at Hilton Westchase in Houston. @USAfricaLIVE  @Chido247   USAfrica, the international multimedia company and public policy think-tank, will celebrate its 25 years of professional excellence with its...

Achebe was the Igbo, Nigerian, African conscience and consciousness. By Onyeka Onwenu

Achebe was the Igbo, Nigerian, African conscience and consciousness. By Onyeka Onwenu, MFR Exclusive tribute in USAfricaonline.com & CLASSmagazine Houston. Special to USAfrica multimedia networks, and CLASSmagazine, Houston.                      ...

Catholic church targeted; 11 killed; 50 injured as suicide bomber strikes in Jos,...

Special to USAfricaonline.com,  the USAfrica-powered e-groups of  Nigeria360, IgboEvents, UNNalumni,  and CLASSmagazine Houston. Follow us at Facebook.com/USAfricaChido and Twitter.com/Chido247   JOS, Nigeria (AFP) - A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Catholic church in central Nigeria on Sunday, killing seven people and sparking panic in which...

Awolowo’s STARVATION Policy against Biafrans and the Igbo requires apology not attacks on Achebe

Some have tried to put the blame on Gowon or the military leaders but Chief Awolowo’s own words are clear: “I decided to stop sending the food there.” It was not a military decision by Adekunle or Murtala. This is a decision made by then Finance minister of the federation, Chief Awolowo. He owned that decision in the interview quoted above. Whenever this issue is raised Awoists and the Awolowo family usually drew umbrage, assailing whoever called Awo out on this issue and generally attacking the character of those who dare to confront Awoists on the frailties of their leaders. It is time for Awoist to realize that Chief Awolowo is not infallible. He made some sound decision in governance as well as other horrendous decisions, one of which is this starvation policy. He might have done it to please the northern oligarchy who had promised to install him as president or he might have had a truly altruistic motive; whatever the case this is a sadistic policy that should never have been put in place by any Nigerian leader. The impact of Chief Awolowo's starvation decision on Biafra’s children still reverberates around the world. It was such that over 40 years later, Steve Jobs referenced it in the interview for his 2011 biography written by Walter Isaacson.

Soccer: Why Cristiano Ronaldo is hated by many, loved by more

By Michael Hlophe, in South Africa Special to USAfrica multimedia networks (Houston) and USAfricaonline.com @USAfricaLive   Hated by many, loved by more, but respected by all. This is normally the case for all the individuals that perform at the highest...

#Ebola fears: Cameroon closes all its land, sea and air borders with Nigeria

#Ebola fears: Cameroon has closed all its land, sea and air borders with Nigeria. Special to USAfricaonline.com, CLASSmagazine,  and USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston. Follow USAfrica at Facebook.com/USAfricaChido , Facebook.com/USAfrica247 and Twitter.com/Chido247 Cameroon also has closed all its land, sea and air borders with its neighbour Nigeria,...

I Give Myself Away. live gospel song by William McDowell

I Give Myself Away. By William McDowell (video below) Special to  USAfricaonline.com and USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston. Follow Twitter.com/Chido247, Facebook.com/MandelaAchebeChido Facebook.com/USAfricaChido , Facebook.com/USAfrica247 This outstanding and uplifting performance and live event footage of  the gospel song "I give myself away" by William McDowell is one of...

“Jos is real target of Boko Haram, radical Islamists” says Keziah Suwa at 2012...

"Jos is real target of Boko Haram, radical Islamists" says Keziah Suwa at 2012 USAfrica Prayer Breakfast in Houston. Special to USAfricaonline.com,  and CLASSmagazine Houston. The 2012 special guest speaker at the 13th ANNUAL USAfrica PRAYER BREAKFAST in Houston,...
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