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USAfrica: Emeka Agwu, pentecostal ArchBishop, turns 50

USAfrica: Emeka Agwu, pentecostal ArchBishop, turns 50

Emeka Agwu, charismatic and message-filled Pentecostal ArchBishop based in Houston, turns 50.

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He reaches and connects with thousands of adherents of the christian faith as well as non-believers with his resonating message of salvation, grace and blessings.

Dr. Emeka Agwu who is the General Overseer/ Chief Apostle/Archbishop  of  the Voice of  Evangelism International, Houston, has, working through the instrumentality of his office established a social welfare infrastructure.

This man with various skills as leadership trainer, empowerment and community development speaker notes that he is “gifted by the Power of the Holy Ghost in the Apostolic and Prophetic ministries. Hence, our parishioners have witnessed a lot of healings, miracles and victories. They are the results of faith-based prayers moving mountains and commanding the unimaginable by the Power and Grace of God.”

He was born into a devoted Christian home in Nigeria on June 02 1971.  At the prime of his youth, he was focused on matters of faith and youth empowerment. He served as leader in the African Youth Ministry. Later, he was appointed the Eastern Coordinator for Faith Comes By Hearing in Nigeria under the Bible Society of Nigeria. At this same time, he served as General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Enugu metropolis.

He is also the Missionary Pastor at Large with LINC Houston and its  African Regional Coordinator. He is the President of the Voice Global Foundation, USA.

Dr. Agwu serves as Chairman/CEO of a couple of corporate organizations; as well as the Board of Minister’s Prayer Network.

His passion for youth empowerment is evidenced in the programs called “Catch them Young for Christ” and “Champions the Hope for African Child.”

He told me in 2008 during an interview with and CLASSmagazine that he has “a great desire to change lives of the Orphans, Widows and Underprivileged in our communities to a better standard by leading a drive I called Hunger Reduction Program. And, it’s also international.”

He is married to a pillar of their christian works, Dr. Chizoba Mercy Agwu. They are blessed with six children: PrinceJohn Agwu, Princess Esther Agwu, Ebubechi Favour Agwu, Precious Agwu, Rejoice Agwu and KingDavid Agwu.

He considers himself a bible scholar with the grace of interpretation and teaching of the scriptures with knowledge and wisdom.                                                                                         •By Dr. Chido Nwangwu, who has appeared as analyst on CNN, CNN International, SKY News, SABC,  founder of the first U.S-based, African-owned newspaper on the internet USAfrica multimedia networks since 1992, and the author of the forthcoming 2021 book, MLK, Mandela & Achebe: Power, Leadership & Identity.


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