#AnambraDebates APC’s Nwoye fails USAfrica fact-check

During this evening’s Anambra Governorship election debate  (November 12, 2017), USAfrica and Publisher Dr. Chido Nwangwu took fact-checking notes on the heated exchanges, claims, counter-claims.:

First, the APC flag bearer Tony Nwoye proudly proclaims his recent student activism years as proof and qualification of his leadership skills to be elected Governor of Anambra State. But  there’s one problem. Nwoye, repeated the false claim that he was the first person of Igbo descent to be elected President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS).

Second, I do know, having served as a former director of Communications for the students’ union  at the University of Nigeria (Nsukka), 1985-1986, that the first Igbo elected as leader of  Nigerian students is the late colleague and school mate, Emma Ezeazu. He led NANS from 1986 to 1988, which is recorded as the longest duration of the leadership of NANS. Ezeazu, an energetic and strategic leader, died in May 2015; apparently from kidney problems.

Third, these facts have witnesses  from the  activist students population at my great alma mater, UNN. Especially those of us who served with the catalytic and charismatic but now late Chima Ubani. There’s Wale Adeoye (Speaker of the House), John Nweze (Secretary General), Joshua Ogadinma (Assistant Secretary General) and strategist Okey Ekeocha (a senior adviser at Shell in Nigeria).

Fourth, it is therefore the logical, fair and objective fact-checking conclusion of Houston-headquartered USAfrica that Nwoye’s long and often repeated claims to making history at NANS are without any merit or backed by facts.                                                                @Chido247.


  1. Tony Nwoye stood on the podium and was lying to people about being the first Igbo president of NANS. Late Emma Ezeazu was…
    THANKS Chido Nwangwu…for setting the records straight. I still remember those days. Tony Nwoye was an unrepentant cultist.