Sunny Ogbu, PDP federal house aspirant, KILLED after a campaign and masquerade festival in Imo State








Sunny Ogbu, PDP federal house aspirant, KILLED after a campaign and masquerade festival in Imo State

Sunny Ogbu, PDP federal house aspirant, killed after a campaign and masquerade festival in Urualla in Imo State of Nigeria.

Special report, first on USAfrica by Chido Nwangwu

Houston-based USAfrica multimedia networks and are confirming that there has been an assassination of a young, vibrant, frontline political aspirant  and member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Nze Sunny Orji Ogbu. He was killed about 20 hours ago (early evening Sunday October 24, 2010) in his own home constituency while returning from his very popular quest to serve his people as their representative for the Ideato North-South federal constituency of Imo State, Nigeria.

He was a member of the “alliance/progressives group” of  the PDP in Imo State, a counterweight to the other group siding with and led by Gov. Ikedi Ohakim known as the “new face of Imo State.”

Urualla community and some of his family members across the world who are learning about the shocking murder of the new generation man of great promise.

USAfrica is reliably informed that the assailants awaited him as he concluded his second major public event fort the day. Sunny’s team in his campaign vehicle slowed down at a bad section of the road they were driving, and suddenly a group of men hailed him as chairman and immediately shouted to Sunny, his relative who was driving and the other campaign members to stop and come out of the car.

Sunny Ogbu, PDP federal house aspirant, KILLED after a campaign and masquerade festival in Imo State

They hit the driver on the face as they pulled out weapons. The assailants, has also learned shot Sunny at a close range, in the front seat….

Preliminary inquiries to Urualla and to the Ogbu family by USAfrica’s Publisher Chido Nwangwu indicate that it seems to be a case of  political assassination. He has learned from the recollections of a witness and survivor in the car, that when the assailants successfully halted the movement of the car, and were asked what they wanted, one of the assailants reportedly said “we want nothing…we only want Sunny.” Remarkably they did not take any funds or money. They did not take anything. The Police have interviewed some of those in Sunny’s campaign jeep.

Sunny Ogbu who has a very young family was raised in Aba (Abia State of  Nigeria) as one of the sons of an influential, successful family. He has since grown to become an investor in micro-finance, security services and contracting business.

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