U.S Treasury orders embattled Pres Trump’s name be printed on the $1,200 stimulus checks


In another round of self-advertisement and not-so-subtle campaign ahead of the November 2020 presidential elections, the U.S Treasury Department has issued instructions that embattled President Donald Trump’s name be printed on the $1,200 stimulus checks that are being sent to 70 million Americans, according to The Washington Post.

This decision, some Internal Revenue Service officials have said, could delay delivery by several days.

Meanwhile, in a different move to deflect his failure to confront the Coronavirus pandemic in a timely and serious manner, President Trump announced Tuesday that he intends to halt payments to the World Health Organization until a review can be conducted into what he described as mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic. USAfricaonline.com readers will recall he dismissed the virus as a hoax by the Democrats….