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First, the Governor of Anambra State  Chief Willie Obiano deserves commendation for his Proven results, commitment and support to all those citizens of our beloved state who are battling with the coronavirus. 


Meanwhile, the Governor’s reputation is still being maliciously attacked in the local, social media with a report which purports conflicts  between the Governor and his deputy His Excellency Dr. Nkem Okeke. 

This is in the feverish scheme of the authors and their long discredited patrons to sow seeds of discontent. 


Dr. Okeke is a fully vested Executive member of the Anambra State government. He is a  participating and engaged deputy. 

Similarly, highly placed executives include the distinguished Professor Solo Chukwulobelu — who is the Secretary to the government.


For the avoidance of any doubt, it is Obiano’s duty as the executive governor to convey to any one else who reports to him that privacy, confidentiality And professionalism must be upheld at all times! 


Therefore, it’s astonishing that some pseudo-journalists and half baked traders of gossip have been funded to Tell lies against him and his family. 


Evidently, the gang of hypocrites who sponsor salacious accusations have no sense of shame!

I ask them the same question citizens of our state are asking: is there nothing good these folks can do with their time and money??


Thankfully, those mercenaries writers with the single but very dubious objective of attacking His Excellency Willie Obiano, have failed again! 

By Armstrong Ngwu



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