USAfrica: Nigeria, U-Turn to uncertainty. By Ken Okorie


Nigeria: U-Turn to uncertainty 

By Ken Okorie, attorney and member of the Editorial Board of USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston

There is fire on the Nigerian mountain. Rwanda is finally arriving in our land.  Look at the killings all over the place, East, West, North and South. It’s not that we have not been here before. The difference this time is that the pudding is being served nationwide, not just on Easterners, not just on Ndigbo. The pogrom that climaxed on July 29, 1966 has restarted in smaller pockets spread across the nation. 

Communities long pained and suffering in their ancestral homes have started  taking the fight to marauding Fulani “herdsmen” in local bush hideouts. This as police stations and other security posts are going up in flames. Be in the lookout as Eastern Security Network (ESN) embroils with Abuja-sponsored Ebube Agu.  In time, same will happen with Amotekun and other regional security outfits. 

The spirit of control and domination that recently scuttled restructuring in the Senate will not rest there, but will seek out other elements seeking equity or to liberate. 

It is no longer reasonable feigning comfort in the truth that the chaos is not only in Biafraland. Whether you call them  Boko Haram or bandits in the North, herdsmen or unknown gunmen in the South, the agenda is the same. They have the same source, one root.

In Imo State, servants of differing masters have started butchering brothers.  Leading the spate is Hope Uzodimma’s Orlu neighborhood!

It daily gets more difficult to decipher whose interests Nigeria’s leader retired General Buhari believes he is sworn to protect. Because of the government’s evident backing or sympathy for the chaos, it will continue to remain indifferent, to do nothing.   Buhari has  achieved his reason for relentlessly wanting to be president. 

Until recently, East was the rebels, the secessionists. Today, every corner of Nigeria is secessionist. By default, every Nigerian has become a rebel. That which was once the Igbo ‘folly’ has overtaken all other ethnicities too.  How time and tone change everything!

Buhari and his cohorts have murdered peace. Nigeria’s eyes will remain starry, dried, and wide open for a season, a dark season. The drowse of incipient sleeplessness will take its toll on a nation mortally wounded. 

It is in this light that Nigerians must brace for another inevitable season of pain. But Buhari will not have the last word. Nigeria must embrace the reality and apparent necessity to turn Nigeria away from where Buhari is taking Nigeria!

The 90-year old woman will come out in the morning, see a rooster and his chum making out, and say, don’t remind me what I almost forgot! There is no  reason to be surprised if 2023 is preempted.  @KenOkorie1 @USAfricaLive