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USAfrica: Nigeria‘s hit show ‘Big Brother Naija‘ and our economy. By Mike Meze

USAfrica: Nigeria‘s hit show ‘Big Brother Naija‘ and our economy. By Mike Meze

Special to USAfrica magazine (Houston)  &, first African-owned U.S-based newspaper published on the Internet

It’s that season, again,  when the Nigerian economy goes on a partial “slow down.” At least, parts of it. For the next ten weeks, a large percentage of the productive population would be glued to their screens (on television, mobile phones and other devices) as they follow developments on the 6th edition of ‘Big Brother Naija.’ In a manner of speaking, the economy would be “on leave”!

It premiered on July 24 and  25, 2021 on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29. The multitalented Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is this season’s host for the 5th consecutive season.

Interestingly, the title for this edition is “Shine Ya Eye”.  And, that is where the problem is. Why? While the youth and the youthful generation may be shining their eyes on Big Brother Naija, a lot of things could happen in the polity and the economy that may have future negative impacts.

“Smart” government may introduce policies and programs which would not necessarily have been acceptable, and these would stay, as result of all eyes shining on Big Brother Naija.  

For States such as Anambra and Lagos going through very important cycles in their lives, it is doubtful the youthful stakeholders would be focused on the polity during that 10-week period.  One wonders what impact the tv show would have on the political campaigns and voting decisions regarding the Anambra State November 6, 2021 governorship elections.


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