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    Ajayi Emmanuel

    l just want to explain the fact that Farouk was not brought up in Nigeria, he spent 99.9percent of his life abroad.ln his attempt to bomb an aeroplane doesn't mean that Nigerian are like that.l will say it wouldn't be right to list Nigeria as one of the torrorist countries.This is because Nigeria(up to 150million population) cannot be judge by Farouk's ugly action.

  2. 8

    Dupe Daniels

    How can people say nigeria is a nation of peace, when rogues keep kidnapping oil workers, and northern moslems in nigeria keep killing christians when they have the opportunity, or is it the thieves that keep killing innocent citizens for thier little hard earned resources? If we Nigerians were to respect human lives and liberties within our country, there would be no need for America to put Nigeria on the list of terrorist countries. Besides what do we really have to offer to the USA? our so called leaders have plundered the nigerian treasury and resources, while the citizens commit fraud all over the world. Nigerians, let us tell ourselves the truth and repair our country so that there will be no need for us to travel all over the world only to be treated like dirt

  3. 7

    Obisue Emmanuel, Nig

    Listing Nigeria as a terrorist Nation is hasty and uncalled for.It could alter the ties between the US and Nigeria.

  4. 6


    Trully judging a country by an individual is not trully the right thing to do and where it hurts more is that the offender Abdulmutallab was born and bred outside Nigeria, which I think made it easy for him to be brain washed into terrorism.

  5. 5


    This is where most of Christians Like OKWU IGBO, got it wrong, It is true that in recent times, Northern Nigeria has not been an exemplary place for religious tolerance. Many young energetic Muslims and Christians who are always instigated by Southern Christian to portray Muslims as land of savages, have perpetrated and perpetuated holocaust and genocide in the name of religion. They use knives, sticks, cutlasses, daggers and locally made single barrel gun, but you can hardly hear of any sophisticated weapon, except in very few instances and clashes.

    The entire western world (not only Nigerian apologists to west like OKWU IGBO) should not take this as a pretext of subjecting Nigerians to unnecessary investigations, harassment and checking. The British witnessed the ugly trial of their Shoe bomber, Robert Reid their fellow Briton. He attempted to blow up a transatlantic flight some years back. Timothy McVeigh, the man who blew up a Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995 was an American. This is just a tip out of the iceberg.

  6. 4


    Mutallab was assisted by nigerian security agents,these agents have thesame belief just as mutallab.The americans should know that nigeria security agents don't search children of northern nigeria wealthy men,and it is time to start freezing their assets,as a matter of fact we don' tknow the whereabout of nigeria president.

  7. 3

    vivian Micheal

    i think Nigerians should not be regarded as terrorist because of one individual who has decided to put selfish reasons before the image of a whole nation, and one thing i will like the government to do is make sure whatever the verdict is should be made known to every Nigerian and not be treated like 'some' cases because his father is influential. this is about saving the image of Nigerians.

  8. 2

    okwu Igbo

    northern Nigeria has been the breeding ground for islamic terrorists for many years. Are we so quick to forget the waves of terrorist activities where armed gangs of fanatical muslem youths killed hundreds of innocent southern nigerians in the open markets, places of worships, hospitals, etc in Jos, Mina, Kano, Sokoto etc. The military leaders of nigeria refused to arrest and presecute the Housa/Fulani terrorists some of whom came from northern Africa. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was raised by his parents in the northern nigerian ambient of the fierce muslem hatred of non-muslems. Therefore, it is correct to subject nigerians to additional searches at international flights so as to prevent another fanatical northern nigerian muslem from attempting to bomb the aeroplane. It is now the duty of southern nigerians and all lawful nigerians to be vigilant and to report potential terrorists to the police. In this way, nigerians will demonstrate that they are dependable partners of the USA in the fight against terrorists.

  9. 1

    Adenuga Akeem

    I don't think what the US security officials did was right by adding Nigeria on a tight security list. Before the attack, US security officials were warned, but did not take actions. Next question, what will happen to those Nigerians abroad? They will all looked with an eye of "Terrorist". I think the US government should look into this again, because we are a nation of peace.

    1. 1.1

      Joseph Okemefula

      The alleged terrorist act of Abdulmutallab is condemnable by every right-thinking person and I know that it's been widely condenmed by Nigerians. You may accuse some Nigerian youths of tendencies to comit fraud but terrorism is completely allien to us. Just read the profile of the individual in question; he has complete British upbringing from Secondary to University education. Put candidly, if any country viz-a-viz this incident should be put on that list, it is the UK. It is completely unfair to leave a country that is known to have terrorist cells, whose environment allows terrorist scouts to recruit young people into terrorism and then seek to humuliate Nigeria. I think this action should be reversed immediately otherwise the US will be shooting itself in the foot because Nigeria is a regional power that has contributed positively to world peace efforts. US has everything to loose if Nigeria severs relations with it as Nigeria has capacity to prop up another power's influence in the region & continent: China.

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