USAfrica: Archie, Meghan and British racism. By Chido Nwangwu


Special to, first African-owned, U.S-based newspaper published on the Internet, and USAfrica magazine, Houston. By CHIDO NWANGWU

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, is easily the most popular baby in the world —this week; at least in the United States and the United Kingdom! He has always been appreciated by many who have followed the story of his birth, alongside the drama of the British monarchy — specifically the gangster games the Windsors’ play and have played. 


The baby with a very handsome and friendly smile was born on May 6, 2019 to Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. His mother, Meghan, is also a product of mixed marriage. Her mother is African-American and her father is a Caucasian. Meghan was born and raised in Los Angeles, California 

So, that makes the young baby an American citizen as well as a British citizen. It will really be nice to have Archie run for President of these United States around the 2050s! 

  • As the British tabloid media world went into an apoplectic frenzy after the explosive interview Oprah Winfrey had with Meghan and her husband Harry, this racism and bigotry problems within the British monarchy became the issue of interest across the world. It exposed the monarchy for their decades of violent discrimination, destruction of families and institutional plunder of many countries and cultures — while at the same time pretending to be the source of light and progress; that they, the British colonialists and neo-colonialists were the only train to civilization and salvation. Nonsense.
  • They did and still do some crazy, bigoted stuff that remind millions of their exploitative decimation, divide-and-rule power play, and callous indifference to the general well-being of the “natives” in the colonized units of the British Commonwealth. But this time, those that I would classify as the neo-natives are from within their gated environments, their own flesh and blood. The ‘House of Windsor’ decided to go to a foolish battle which they will continue to lose, namely, as the bullhorn brigade for bigotry and racism.  Imagine how evil exposes itself. With their fury and malice to deprive an innocent 2-year old Archie what should be his right,
  • I know that the conniving squad of spin doctors at the Buckingham palace, Times of London and The Mail, could not twist enough facts and distort enough details of the unfolding catastrophic events, especially regarding the monarchy and the lovely Archie. Thanks to the dexterity and special skills of Oprah, Meghan and Harry were able to tell their stories with grace, calmness sense of higher purpose.  On the other side, on ITV London, we were treated to the tawdry spectacle of the loquacious, mendacious and utterly hypocritical Piers Morgan overdose on his concoction of lies and conceit and infantile malice! He jumped in, head first. Worse, he dismissed everything the Duchess raised as false!  Especially, what were cases of potentially suicidal depressive events in the life of Archie’s gracious mother. Piers jumped into a cauldron….   Third, the man had the same dismissive response to the issue of the so-called “concern” of one of the members of the British monarchy who wondered and discussed the implications of Megan and Harry’s — at the time — unborn son Archie’s possible dark brown skin color/tone.  

Meghan told Oprah — who was jaw-dropping shocked — that a family member raised with Harry “concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when born.” Meghan hinted Archie was denied the title of “Prince” because of his mixed-race, arguing it is his birthright title with the security protection that goes with it” “It’s not their right to take it away.”  The cold truth is that the backroom managers and fixers at the British  monarchy consider(ed) it worthy of their heritage and posterity to chose the side of darkness, in this 22nd century!  All in the name of being on “Her Majesty’s service! Again, for all of its iniquity, the British monarchy has become the reflective emblem of racial antagonism and banner of lies, extortion, brigandage and gangsters’ paradise —  for a long time. —— Dr. Chido Nwangwu, the Founder of USAfrica multimedia networks and public policy organization since 1992 in Houston, established the first African-owned, U.S-based newspaper published on the Internet He served as adviser on Africa business to the ex-Mayor of Houston, Dr. Lee P. Brown. Chido is the first continental African to be admitted to the 100 Black Men of America. He is the author of the 2021 book, MLK, Mandela & Achebe: Power, Leadership and Identity. In July 2017, he was issued a U.S. Congressional Recognition for USAfrica’s 25 years. Chido has been honored by the Washington D. C.- based National Immigration Forum for utilizing multimedia to fight authoritarianism and foster freedom of expression in parts of the African continent. He has been profiled by the CNN International for his pioneering works on multimedia/news/public policy projects for Africans and Americans.   follow @Chido247




USAfrica is an international multimedia company, founded since 1992 by Dr. Chido Nwangwu [author of Mandela & Achebe: Leadership, Identity and Footprints of Greatness], with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Also, he established the 1st African-owned, U.S.-based professional newspaper published on the internet, both assessed by the CNN and The New York Times as the largest and arguably the most influential African-owned, U.S-based multimedia networks. USAfrica’s first print edition of USAfrica magazine published August 1993; USAfrica The Newspaper on May 11, 1994; The Black Business Journal in 1998; CLASSmagazine on May 2, 2003; PhotoWorks.TV in 2005, and several platforms and products. is powered by the global resources of USAfrica, CLASSmagazine, CLASSmagazine.TV, PhotoWorks.Tv, USAfrica.TV,, and

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