TRAGEDY: Prof. Okafor shoots his wife, self dead in murder-suicide in U.S.



TRAGEDY: Prof. Okafor shoots his wife, self dead in murder-suicide in U.S.

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One of world’s leading poets of Nigerian descent  Prof. Chukwudubem (Dubem) Agha Okafor, 64, shot his wife, Cheryl V. Okafor, 37, then turned the gun on himself after an argument inside his relative’s house in the 300 block of Pear Street, (in Reading Pennsylvania), investigators have said. He established with his wife the Multicultural and Literacy Institute in the area.
Here’s a detailed report by Brett Hambright/Reading Eagle on the traumatic event of Sunday August 15, 2010:
The Birdsboro couple were visiting Cheryl Okafor’s sister when an argument escalated into gunfire, police said.
The sister, whose name was not released by investigators, and her three children were inside the house when the first shots were fired about 3:45, police and neighbors said.
Chukwudubem Okafor shot his wife several times in the head and chest, then fired a single bullet into his head, investigators said.
Police said they were interviewing the relatives to learn more about the argument that prompted Chukwudubem Okafor to open fire in the front living room of the house.
“It’s another unfortunate example of domestic violence,” Berks County District Attorney John T. Adams said after leaving the scene. “It’s just very sad.”
David Frees, a neighbor, said he waved hello to Cheryl Okafor from across the street a few minutes before he heard gunshots.
“It’s a shame that we were probably the last people she said hello to,” Frees said, sitting next to another neighbor, Sandra Stauffer.
Frees said he clearly remembered seeing Cheryl Okafor earlier in the day because she was wearing gold shoes. “She looked out of place in this neighborhood,” he said. “Like a movie star.”
Neighbors said they heard shots, then saw the sister and her three children run out the front door.
The oldest son, a teenager, ran barefoot to a street corner and called 9-1-1, the neighbors said.
“My uncle just shot his wife,” the boy repeated, according to Frees. “He kept saying that really loud.”
When police went inside the house, they found both bodies in the front room and a .380-caliber handgun nearby, investigators said.
Investigators didn’t say if the children or their mother witnessed the shooting.
“I hope they didn’t see,” said another neighbor, who declined to give his name. “That would affect them for life.”


Berks County Chief Deputy Coroner Charles E. Sweitzer and Deputy Coroner Joel Bonilla pronounced the couple dead inside the house about 5:30 p.m. Both died of
gunshot wounds, Bonilla said.
The coroner’s office ruled Chukwudubem Okafor’s death a suicide and his wife’s death a homicide, according to Bonilla. Detectives and officers collected evidence and snapped photos inside yellow crime scene tape for hours after the shootings.
A swarm of neighbors watched as police surveyed the scene and the bodies were put into the coroner’s van.

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  2. Maduka & Nma. Two different folks, one sublte, the other ,,,,,,. Well violence should never be the solution. Education is the key word. Folks, u all need to teach ur young ones to stay away from "OLD" men, as men ages so his libido diminish. The old men should also think about what next when they cannot perform. Divorce can sometimes be devastating especially when too much has been invested. My point is the "OLD" men should pick on their caliber. Its a shame, forget about the old man and pray for the children and the late wife.

  3. this man is evil why can't he died alone and live the wife alone.No matter what the wife did to him he has no right to take anybody's live.H e look like a devil.

  4. I can't help but to call him an evil man. Dubem Agha Okafor acted foolishly. His middle name is Agha (meaning war in igbo language), for Christ sake must he carry out the war in his own house? Must it be his wife? Mr Agha D. Okafor was a very weak and frustrated fighter. It's a shame. I advise my frustrated igbo bretheren in diaspora to relocate to Nigeria and become useful to our beloved nation. That thing you are looking for outside is easy to get in our ogbodo nija. If you can create value in Nigeria, you'll make it.

  5. Maduka, u r so right. I agree.

  6. Unfortunately we will never really know the whole story-no matter what we are told now,the actors are both gone. We may hear that she did this or that he did that,but we will never be able to hear from each of them how whatever it is degenerated to such a tragic outcome-One thing is for sure,whatever it is,did not start the day it ended-therefore we must watch out for those around we care about,in most cases,the tale tale signs are allover the place enough for any carring friend or relative to actually inject themselve into the situation and try to help.

  7. wow! wat could have gone wrong?

  8. This is sad indeed! It makes mockery of human lives! Such a gifted man, he ought to know better.

  9. Additional reactions, via facebook, to this story

    UCHE EZECHUKWU, journalist in Nigeria:

    Really sad! But what else do you expect… a scatter-head 64 year old poet married to a 'film star' like wife of 37. A 27 year gap in ages and probably, orientation and outlook to life. These Nigerians in the Diaspora will finish themselves! Frustration or what?


    Really sad.


    OTOJUO this is a very tragic incident! Such a promising couple!


    Modern day tragedy! how very sad!


    o ma se o


    I have not read the story but have started feeling extremely sad. I'm scared of reading it. Ha! Professor? A Nigerian? Ha!!! A Poet? sad..too sad.

  10. There u have it!we have divorce and now the spiritual solution. So,I am confident that by the time we are done with this case here,we would have come up with viable alternatives to outright MURDER as a way of solving domestic challenges.

  11. we need 2 conduct a serious deliverance session on all married naija couples especially men in america! this is an act of d evil one. we must do something about it asap! Christ is the only way out!

  12. Bcos he well known? If he is a man without a name we will lunch him on fb. Celebrity judgment .

  13. Nma,you see we are now begining to have a meaningful discussion on the subject.which could lead to a solution for at least one couple out there or save one life -Like aptly pointed out, we as a community have simply refused to see divorce(for example) as an option when it is obvious a marriage is simply not working.incidentally, the truth about the soceity we live in, is that divorce is an integral part of the system and a tested option-when things are not working out.

  14. It is amazing!!! In the last couple of years, majority of the killings have been Ibo women/wives. Why are "Ibo" men in Nigerian community especially, in the United States killing their wives? Only the "men" can this question if they can. Age is a big factor in a marriage. Maturity is. Power struggle. Infidelity is also a BIG issue in many marriages. Many marriages today exist (couple are NOT living life), majority of couples are miserable, and many risk their lives being hopeful. It is a sad situation indeed. Whatever the reason a 64 year old man/husband decided to let his emotions run wild, when he reacted and acted the way he did, could not have been an instant behavior. At this point, speculating will lead nowhere. Now, God will judge him and his wife. To all men that are abusive to their wives/partners, learn from the mistakes of others and situations like this. If you are abusive to your spouse, STOP, to prevent any regrettable & definitely, irreversible trigger. If you are in a broken relationship that has no hope, move on but, never decide to take the life of another for any reason. God did not give us such power. Because, HELL is the only place for such a person, when he/she decides to do so. The mind of an angry man or a murder is like a storm; rage takes over completely. Sadly, most times, an innocent person pays the price.

  15. @Maduka,we need to get to the bottom of this like you said. It is very alarming. May God help us all. Our society frowns at the divorce. We need to accept it and embrace it. Ella,there is no speculation here. The fact is that most of,this men develop inferiority complex and act out. My sister u hv to live it to understand it. May God not allow u to go tru such abuse .

  16. Nma,point well taken,the bottom line,just that it is becoming a common thing in our community. We live in a soceity where special attention is paid to an issue of this nature,and all I am saying is that,as a community we need to take a critical look at this development.

  17. @ Nma: not to speculate… he was 64 and she was 37. What the heck was he expecting if infidelity was the issue? Look @ it this way, reverse could have been the case – he could have been the one who could not contain himself and needed more "sex" from his wife and she could not deliver as much as he needed her to… Why have Nigerian men been killings their wives? Am guessing only the men who have done this can answer such questions.

    1. @ Ella, Age has nothing to do with this, the fact she open her eye and married him knowing full well about age diff. she should live with that. not to say dat what the man did is some thing to right home about. the Bible said: the heart of a man is mean who can know it. All so, Temper gets one into trouble, pride keeps him/her in there.

  18. It is a sad situation indeed. Whatever that must have triggered this man's emotions for him to have reacted and acted the way he did, was not instant. At this point, speculating will lead nowhere. God will judge him and his wife now. To all men that are abusive to their wives/partners, learn from the mistakes of others and situations like this. If ur relationship has no hope & broken, move on but, never take the life of another for any reason because hell is the only place when u take another life.

    1. Girl, I thought you were joking. Just read your comment here. I did not know you were paying attention to me during our conversation! Word for word !!!

  19. @Maduka, no one accused anybody of infidelity. The operative words is propably thinks she was cheating on him. Men dat marry much younger wives always have such tuts. So nobody has bn accused of anything.

  20. Maduka, U R right, but even "infidelity" is not enough to take ones life. It may lead to counseling, seperation or divorce, but death MBA, otherwise most Nigerian men would have been killed. If a realtionship is not working and both parties have tried their best, they should seperate amicably. Life goes on. Who knows the future may be better. Let us just remember this family in our prayers.

  21. Sad. Tragic. Unbelievable times.

  22. Yes,I agree that no body has the right to take the life of another as in this case,but my only issue was with those who concluded that the reason was probably "infidelity-on the part of the young wife"-this in my opinion is a detail or fact we do not have,and that was what I was addressing.

  23. It is really a shame and a tragedy. Noone has the right to take anothers life no mattter the reason. Yes Judgement is 4 God, but the truth is that whatever the cause, he should not have taken his wife's life. If he is tired if living then …….., and let others be. My prayers are with the family.

  24. @maduka, we do not need to wait, the police report clearly states that he killed his wife and then took his own life. there is no reason why another human being should take anothers life. he should have just killed himself and allowed his young wife to live her own life.

  25. Bcos he well known? If he is a man without a name we will lunch him on fb. Celebrity judgment .

  26. I sense a rush to judgments in some of our comments so soon,I think we should waite for more details-only then can we have a better undertanding of what caused this tragedy. In the mean time let's just pray that the family and children they have now left behind can have the strenght to deal with the situation.

  27. Who told you that poets behind in strange ways? We are the true image of God!

  28. Don't be. Just pray for your fellow men. Some of are "if I can't have you nobody can". Insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  29. Y is it that poets behave in strange ways? Am sacred oh..

  30. Nothing went wrong other than she was 37 and he was 64. He mind probably told she was cheating on him. They all do Wen the woman is much younger and more sexually active than them. Find a solution not being jealous which will eventually lead to abuse.

  31. This is a real shocker to the world. I have been wondering what would have gone wrong. It's a pity.

  32. We need a divine intervention on this issue. A national day of prayer among Nigerians. Hw can a one gud man bcome a murderer? . We should all pray against the spirit of anger. Even the bible says be angry and do not sin. Hw angry can get to think of murder. (Obiara egbum gbue onwe ya ).

  33. The time has come for us to do a detailed study of why Nigerian husbands and wives are killing each other in the USA!

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