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By Collins Ezebuihe


It is now, virtually, like the entire world is operating out of the same laboratory and/or hospital, and seeing most information simultaneously. That is a source of solace. Consequently, dreadful as released Covid-19 figures are, I am still optimistic that this pandemic will have the lowest casualty figure of all pandemics in recent human history.

The reason for my optimism is based on the speed and volume of information available in today’s world was not available in those days.

Second, there is a greater exchange of medical knowledge these days anywhere near what it was only 25 years ago.


For instance, it now only takes minutes or hours for new Covid-19 bulletin and overall awareness to be available worldwide, whereas such bulletin would have taken months and years to get anywhere far, about 40+ years ago, and more lives lost, as a result.

Meanwhile, Chinese authorities seemingly are still not releasing actual casualty figures from Wuhan and the entire nation of China. It was only a few days ago that UK’s Daily Mail published that Wuhan casualty figures were about 42,000. That’s far more than China is reporting, and doesn’t help matters. Quite sordid!


Anyway, I also believe, come summer time, that the worst of this vicious Corvid-19 will be over. All we need now is to follow health advisories to stay alive and healthy till then.                                                                                                                 :Collins Ezebuihe, contributing analyst for USAfrica multimedia networks, is based in the Washington DC region.


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