USAfrica: The blessed essence of motherhood. By Prof. Clement Anyiwo


By Prof. Clement Anyiwo, Contributing Editor of

There are many ways through which God emphasized the essence of motherhood. I will simply cite two significant events. First, created Eve, who became “The Mother of all living” (human being). Second, caused Jesus Christ, our Lord and saviour, to be delivered by a woman — rather than descend from Heaven to Earth. 

A mother is not only a woman that gives birth or who has the responsibility of the physical and emotional care of specific children but should also be a protector, disciplinarian, adviser, advocate and guide. 

She is not only selfless but sacrifices her pleasure for the needs of others and her children.  

She works hard to ensure that they are equipped or empowered with knowledge, skills, and abilities to face the challenges of life. 

A mother’s goal is to “Train up a child the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.(Prov.22:6) 

Finally, it is my prayer that our Lord God will give you good health, courage, strength, resilience and blessing to live the legacy of three women of the Bible, among others, who exemplified the essence of motherhood:

Ruth- the Moabite woman, whose life was transformed by love and triumph over adverse circumstances by listening to the advice of older God- fearing women such as Naomi; Dorcas (Tabitha) the benevolent, admirable and courageous widow of good reputation. 

The Greek disciple of early Christian Church who Peter raised from the dead; and Queen Esther- the Jewish orphan girl, who risked her life to protect the Jewish race from extermination plotted by Harman- the antagonist high ranking advisor of King Ahasuerus- the Persian King. 

Continue to sparkle —for wife and mother are the heartbeat of the family and blessed adornments of our universe. I wish you a caring and loving marital relationship.  Happy Mother’s Day!